Are you a V.A.S.T Goal Setter?

I started this year hearing, and at times maybe even thinking that 2020 was going to be our worst year yet! People were afraid to set goals in case they were let down by the experience. Now that would not have been very SMART. Sorry about the pun.

In a country that has known very little of the world’s suffering or discomfort, when COVID-19 really hit – our world changed forever. What most of us didn’t know, hadn’t realised; what our history hadn’t taught us, was that there are some basic principles to goal setting.

These are still at work no matter what is happening in our environment…

We all set goals for ourselves. Things we want to achieve or prevent from happening. 

Some of us formalise these goals and some of us don’t. Whether you do or whether you don’t – it is your choice. They are your goals, if and when you achieve them is up to you. I don’t set goals for people. But I do help people to set goals. V.A.S.T. goals!

The V.A.S.T. Goal setting model is about being creative in the way you achieve your goals. It is also about being purposeful, resourceful and deliberate.  

We all see things in our minds eye. Hopes, dreams and the “I wishes” of life. If we want to turn these things into tangible realities and actually see them transpire, there are some simple actions we can take. Seeing is believing and when we talk about what we want to see happening, amazing transformation will occur.


Vivify, Visualise, Voice –  think about a goal that you have achieved something you always wanted to do and then one day it happened, you were there; it was in your hand; or maybe you dodged a bullet. The feeling was phenomenal. Think about who was there with you. What were you wearing, who was with you, describe the feeling. Yes, out loud!

Do it again…

Today – what do you see in your mind’s eye? Don’t wait until COVID is over and in the past. Visualise another goal now, what do you see? Who is there with you? What is being accomplished? Voice this out load. Make a vision board, substantiate what you know you would like to come to pass or prevent from happening. 


Acknowledge, Affirm, Achieve – Acknowledge where are you now in relation to that goal? Write an affirmation about what it looks like, feels like and what you are becoming. Achieve small bite size steps each week towards the goal in mind.


SMART – there is no substitute for making your goals SMART. When done properly, this model tells us our goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely – there is a lot of information on this model and how best to apply it.


Tangible – Turn every goal whether it is a getting goal or an achieving goal into something that you can quantify. This will help you to see them as a reality. Use sentences and words that are solid and material to describe this goal.

Covid Smovid, I have heard from clients who have used this model for Goal setting at the very onset of COVID. Here is an example of what implementing this model in your business can do: 

“The session with you was enough to crystallise some understanding of what I want and what I am prepared to do towards it. Then my key vision ABSOLUTELY came into being.

I was working multiple jobs alongside “MY BUSINESS” to find its growth and my biggest wish was to wear less hats… enter COVID… off went all my other income streams bar my Granny flat Airbnb and I was able to work full time in “MY BUSINESS”… it took a big breath and then took off. I have more work now than I can get to!!!” 

What is your key vision and what are you prepared to do to see it come into being? 

Author – Leslie Hopping

Transformational Leader and Mentor

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