FBPOPR2074 – Carry out manual handling tasks

MANH - FBPOPR2074 Carry out manual handling tasks

About this Course

This manual handling program covers essential techniques like safe lifting practices, transfers, and hazard identification. Carers can enhance their skills in one day, learning to safely move clients while reducing injury risks.


Discover essential techniques in our comprehensive manual handling program. Learn safe handling practices, chair-to-chair transfers, slide sheet usage, lifter operation, walk belt techniques, and transfers to/from wheelchairs and shower chairs.

Our training also covers hazard identification and strategies for minimizing and eliminating injury risks.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to enhance your skills and ensure the safety of yourself and those you care for.

Join our one-day manual handling course designed specifically for carers.

Gain the practical skills needed to safely lift and move clients, reducing strain on your body and minimising risks for your clients. This hands-on training ensures you meet your clients' needs safely and professionally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Statement of Attainment for FBPOPR2074 - Carry Out Manual Handling Tasks

Learning Methods


Upcoming Workshops

None scheduled. We run this course on-demand. Enquire below to speak to us about scheduling a class for you or your team.