HLTHPS007 – Administer and Monitor Medications

HLTHPS007 - Administer and Monitor Medications

About this Course

The Administer Medications unit of competency, HLTHPS007 Administer and Monitor Medications
is a fundamental training component within the HLT Health Training Package. This unit equips community services and health workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely administer medications to individuals under the delegation of a relevant health professional, in full compliance with legal and organizational guidelines.

Key aspects covered in this unit include the identification of potential risks related to medication administration, accurate preparation of medications, patient assessment and preparation for medication administration, and the safe administration of various types of medications through different routes. It also emphasizes the importance of monitoring and responding to adverse reactions, handling medication contingencies, and maintaining proper documentation.

With a strong focus on safety, legal compliance, and adherence to professional standards, this unit is essential for healthcare and community service professionals responsible for administering medications to clients. Successful completion of this unit ensures that individuals can administer medications effectively, maintain patient safety, and respond appropriately to a wide range of medication-related scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify situations that are a potential risk to the safe administration of medications
  • Prepare for medication administration
  • Identify and prepare the client for administration of medication
  • Administer medications within legal parameters
  • Monitor client response to administered medication
  • Handle medication contingencies
  • Complete medication distribution and administration

Learning Methods

  • Face to face
  • Workplace delivery available for groups (conditions apply)

Upcoming Workshops

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