Tracheostomy Management

TR - Tracheostomy Management

About this Course

Elevate Tracheostomy Care Standards!

Join our comprehensive Tracheostomy Management Training, where participants gain expertise in the respiratory system's fundamentals, diverse tracheostomy tubes, sterile equipment maintenance, stoma site care, infection prevention, collaborative healthcare practices, routine tube changes, suctioning techniques, emergency response, humidification, oral care, and effective patient communication strategies.

This immersive session ensures your healthcare team is equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to provide exemplary care for patients with tracheostomies. Secure your spot now for a transformative training experience!

Learning Methods

  • Face to face
  • Workplace delivery available for groups (conditions apply)

Upcoming Workshops

None scheduled. We run this course on-demand. Enquire below to speak to us about scheduling a class for you or your team.