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Transformational Institute is an Accredited Sponsor with the Department of Home Affairs in Australia.

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Minimum Criteria:

To get started, you'll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Year 10 certificate or equivalent
  • Provide proof of finances
  • Be 18 years or older

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Unlocking the Subclass 500 Visa

Embark on a transformative journey with the Student visa (subclass 500) that allows a stay of up to 5 years in Australia for full-time educational pursuits at accredited institutions.

With this visa, you can:

  • Engage in approved courses.
  • Include family members in your application (your partner and you or your partner’s dependent children).
  • Apply online from Australia or overseas.
  • Secure part-time employment, with work hours of up to 48 hours per fortnight.

Navigating the visa application process can be daunting. For personalised guidance, schedule a complimentary consultation with our migration agents.

Subclass 500 Visa Requirements

Student Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • Although subclass 500 visas commonly apply to people 6 years and over, Transformational Institute specialises in Student Visa applications for people 18 years or older, as we also help you find work placement during your stay in Australia
  • Submission of Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from CRICOS-registered institutions
  • Demonstration of English language proficiency
  • Mandatory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Provision of welfare arrangements for under 18 applicants
  • Compliance with health and character standards
  • Financial sufficiency for the stay

Student Visa Application Process

  • Apply at least 6 weeks before course commencement if outside Australia
  • Allow ample time for processing, especially if you’re already in Australia on another visa
  • Utilise the Document Checklist Tool for comprehensive document preparation

Complete the online application by creating or logging into your Immi Account, including document attachments and fee payment.

Student Visa Document Checklist Tool

Tailored to your nationality and educational provider, this tool streamlines document collection, ensuring compliance with current requirements. Click here to visit the Document Checklist Tool.

Cost of the Student Visa 500

Access the Visa Pricing Estimator for fee details.

Processing Time for an Australian Student Visa

Student Visa processing time varies by sector. Transformational Institute can help you provide all relevant supporting documents during your application process to ensure a fast turnaround time. Click here to consult the global visa processing time guidelines.

Family Inclusion for a Student Visa in Australia

The Student Visa (subclass 500) can accommodate partners and dependent children in your application. Your or your partner's children who are under 18 and unmarried are considered dependent

You are required to declare daily members in your application, even if there are no plans for them to travel to Australia with you. If you do not declare your relevant family members and they need to join you in Australia in future, you will need to apply for a new student visa that does include them, and state why they were not declared in your earlier application. The only exception to this would be if someone becomes your family member after the initial application was granted and prior to making a subsequent student visa application.

Health Insurance Requirements for Student Visa 500

You and your family members but be covered under OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), throughout your stay, from an approved Australian health insurance provider. Speak to us about choosing the right insurance provider for your specific needs.

English Language Proficiency via IELTS test

At any stage during your application, you may be required to give evidence of English language skills via an IELTS test (International English Language Testing System). We can assist you to prepare for this English proficiency test during your student visa application process.

If proof of English proficiency is needed, what documentation is necessary?

You should present evidence demonstrating that you:

  • Achieved a specific test score in an English language examination sanctioned by the Department. The test must have been undertaken within the preceding 2 years of your student visa application.
  • Successfully completed particular eligible courses conducted in English.
  • Qualify for an exemption category.

Extending Your Student Visa

If you wish to continue studying in Australia after your student visa ends, you must apply for a new visa to continue studies. Speak to us for advice for personalised solutions.

Changes to your situation

What steps should you take if my circumstances change?

Please ensure you notify the Department of Home Affairs of any modifications. These may encompass:

  • Adjustments to your contact details like phone number, email, address, or passport
  • Changes in your relationship status
  • Modifications to your welfare arrangements
  • The addition of a new family member, such as the birth of a child

Click here for more details about changes to your situation.

Changing Courses

If you alter your study circumstances, inform the Department of Home Affairs in advance, as your visa status could be impacted. Discover the necessary actions to take if your study situation changes.

Reach out to us for expert guidance and assistance.

How can I check my visa application status?

You'll receive written notification regarding your visa application outcome. The notification will include:

  • Your visa grant number
  • Visa expiry date
  • Visa conditions

It's essential to retain a copy of the visa grant while in Australia.

In case of visa refusal, you'll receive a written explanation and review options. Please note, the application fee is non-refundable in case of refusal.

Student Visa 500 Working Rights

Under the Australian Student Visa 500, you're permitted to work up to 48 hours per fortnight during course sessions and unrestricted hours during school holidays. Part-time work can start when your course starts.

Travel Flexibility

There are no limits to how often you can travel outside of Australia and return back to Australia for the duration of your Student Visa.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on international student work hour policies and Australia's thriving educational landscape. Connect with us to embark on your student visa journey today.

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