Emotional Intelligence – The Art of Leadership

Recently I listened to a leadership podcast by John Maxwell. In this podcast Maxwell elaborated on a major strength he believed leaders should have by making an acronym from connect. I am going to borrow some of his expertise here in mine:

Collaboration - Working with someone to achieve something takes emotional intelligence.
Ownership – Owning your emotions – not letting anyone hold the remote on your emotion.
Never manipulate – Sorry Jack leaders never manipulate – it is hard to come back from.
Never assume – That you understand your own or someone else’s emotions – ask respectfully.
Engage – One of the three most powerful strengths of any leader is the art of engagement. Create space for people to express their feelings.
Triggers – we all have triggers. But if we respect people’s right to be heard to be understood to be valued we will connect at a whole new level.

I believe Emotional Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply the knowledge and skill needed to navigate the wonderful world of emotions to enable great communication and growth in any team environment.

Emotional Intelligence is a leadership art – it is RESPECT.