HLTINF001 - Infection Prevention and Control

Course Overview

Maintaining infection prevention and control in all environments especially during a global pandemic is not easy if you have not learnt the skills or have the knowledge to implement the necessary procedures.

This is an essential course for all individuals particularly if you are working in the hospitality, human care services or any other face-to-face contact industries.

This course teaches students how to comply with infection control regulations, standards, guidelines, policy and procedures and to identify, manage and control infection risks to clients, themselves and other workers.

It is becoming increasingly critical that people have this knowledge and skills. By completing this course participants will be confident to implement the correct procedures to prevent infection in their home and workplaces.

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Session One:

  • Hand hygiene practices
  • Hand washing procedures
  • The chain of infection
  • Breaking the chain of infection
  • Hand care procedures
  • Covering cuts and abrasions
  • Personal protective clothing and equipment
  • Guidelines for glove use, wearing gowns and waterproof aprons, wearing masks and wearing protective glasses
  • Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Environmental and surface cleaning, procedures and equipment
  • Handling, transporting and processing linen
  • Procedures for disposal of contaminated waste

Session Two:

  • Handling and cleaning equipment
  • Infection hazards associated with own role and work environment
  • Areas of responsibility in relation to infection prevention and control
  • Assess risk by determining the likelihood and severity of harm from identified hazards
  • Documenting and reporting activities and tasks that put self, clients, visitors and/or other workers at risk
  • Control measures to minimise risk in accordance with organisations procedures
  • Protocols for care after exposure to blood or other body fluids
  • Infection Control signage
  • Removing spills
  • Minimising contamination
  • Identifying, separating and maintaining clean and contaminated zones
  • Confinement of records, materials and medicaments to a well-designated clean zone

The aim of Infection Prevention and Control is to decrease and manage the spread of infection to others and yourself. Transformational Institute is dedicated to ensuring students receive the very best results from their study by providing them with the resources needed to achieve their goals. This course uses safe work practices based on knowledge of microbiology and the spread of infection. 

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Course Details



Delivery Modes:

Face-to-Face | Online | At your Workplace (for group bookings *conditions apply)


1 day - appprox 8 hours

At completion of this unit you will receive a Statement of Attainment for HLTINF011

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